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Repeater Site Progress – July 28th

The repeater team met today to install the cable tray in the new equipment room.   The tray itself  was custom built from materials purchased from Home Depot.  It took most of the day to mount everything but the project is coming together as the various work projects are completed.  Some the last major items to be done is to now finish the grounding and bonding of the equipment and custom building of the RF cables from the repeater equipment to the polyphaser or lightning protection rack.  The team really appreciates everyone’s financial support and those who have given their time to the project.   If you would like to help out or would like a project tour please contact the repeater committee.

Repeater Project Update – June 3

Yesterday members of the technical team met to work on the repeater project.  Right now all work is focused on the repeater equipment itself.  The D-Star equipment was installed in the new 6 ft cabinet and placed in the new equipment room.  Both the VHF and UHF repeaters were removed from the short cabinets and installed in a new 6 ft cabinet.  The taller cabinets allow for more room in the equipment room.  The team also prepared some high speed data equipment and cabling that will be used for a temporary high speed data link to the tank.  This circuit will be used until the permanent DSL circuit can be installed.

Today team members installed the high speed data equipment.  A Wifi link was established on the 900 MHz band which will allow for the D-Star and Allstar equipment to be brought up for testing.   Progress is being made with the team putting in more than 40 hours each since the beginning of the year.  The team would like to thank those who have generously provided their time, other resources or financial support towards the repeater project.

New Repeater Room Progress – May 12th

This morning more progress was made on the new repeater room at the repeater site.  A lightening protection rack was installed in order to terminate the big 1 5/8 hardline into the poly-phaser shelf.  Poly-phasers are a inline protectors that quickly absorb surges on coax or hard-line center conductor.  Lightening protection is very important to any radio system which needs to be operational 24 hours and 7 days a week.  Proper lightening protection is the lowest cost insurance that any amateur radio operator should consider for there station.

There is more work to be scheduled at the repeater site in the coming weeks in order to complete the project.  There will be plenty of opportunity for VARC members to learn more about advanced radio technology.


VARC Repeaters Moved ! April 28th

Yesterday members of the technical team assembled in order to move the club’s VHF and UHF repeaters to the new equipment room located inside of the water tank.  Everything went very smooth with the move.  The biggest worry were the heavy hard-lines going to the antennas.  But in the end they proved to be a non-issue.  More work will need to be done later in order to finish up installation,grounding and other cabling.  Now the VARC has enough room in order to install the D-Star repeater and Allstar equipment.

New Repeater Room Update – March 24th

Saturday the technical team finished installing the HVAC unit, sealing the entry door, installing the port for the hardline cables, and painted the walls.  The last task is to paint the floor and then the room is to be ready to move into.   When the floor is completed then a work day will be schedule to move equipment and antenna cabling into the new area.  This is all exciting because there will now be enough room for the new D-Star repeater equipment and for new Allstar equipment which will interface with the 146.760 repeater.  Once the equipment is installed VARC members will be able to work the world on the VHF and UHF bands both with digital and analog voice.  More work days are to be scheduled.  VARC members say thank you to our technical team for their great work!

New Repeater Room Update

Today the technical team finished the electrical upgrades to the new equipment room.  The room now has AC power available for lighting and for the repeater equipment.  There is still more work to be done before it is ready for use.  More work days are to be scheduled.  Thank you to our technical team for their great work!

Repeater Site Reactivation Underway!

There is some good news to report in regards to the repeater site. As most everyone one knows by now the site lost its AC power source due to catastrophic event at the site this last summer related to the AC power control and distribution.  It was thought that soon repairs would be made by the site owners and the repeaters would be back online. But due to budget constraints the site owners chose to delay making necessary repairs until financial resources might be available in the future.  So the AC power was and still is not restored.

During the month of December VARC members met with both EMA and Valdosta Utilities leadership to identify a alternative AC power source and ask for permission to relocate repeater equipment into a small shelter that is located inside of the water tank its self.  Immediately the Valdosta Utilities leadership was very responsive and supportive of the VARC by giving permission for requests.  Upon permission approval technical arrangements were made to proceed.

The plans are during the first quarter of 2012 to install  necessary wiring in order to restore AC power to the old VARC repeater shelter.  The next part of the plan is to prepare the area inside the tank for both the analog and D-STAR repeater equipment.  Since gaining approval both VARC members and non-members have rallied to provide either financial resources or their personal time in support of the project.

The Valdosta and Lowndes County radio amateurs are very grateful to both the EMA and the Valdosta Utilities department for their continued support of the VARC and emergency communications for the community.

VARC Repeaters are down…

Sometime around June the 30th the VARC repeater site suffered a catastrophic electrical event that has left all equipment off line.   One of the volunteer technicians reported that the large breaker panel feeding the site looked as if it had a welder cut a hole in the front of it. It appears that as the breaker panel caught fire it sprayed fire hot molten metal over all area in front to the panel its self.

So for the time being the repeaters will be offline until the repairs to the site electrical systems can be repaired.  VARC volunteer technicians are presently working with the site owners and making previsions to check VARC equipment for damage.  So far it has been confirmed that the W4VLD-1 digi-repeater was damaged by the event.

It is believed that either lightening or a electrical short caused the electrical damage.  Once new information is discovered it will be posted.

VARC members and area amateurs are encouraged to utilize other area repeaters in order to carry out their communications activities.  You are thanked for your continued support of the VARC.

DStar Repeater

The city of Valdosta and surrounding counties will soon have a DStar coverage. Through a grant made by the Tift regional hospital, a 1.2ghz & 440 repeater will be installed at the Valdosta city water tower for licensed amateurs to use.

On March 26, 2011, VARC technical team met together to assemble, configure, and test the new D-Star repeater system. Below you will find photos during the initial stages of configuration.
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