HamWAN – What is this new, advanced and cutting edge technology all about?

  • Technologically it is a digital high speed wireless network that utilizes off the shelf low cost unlicensed 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.5 GHz, and 5.8 GHz microwave radio equipment re purposed for Amateur Radio communications.
  • The HamWAN digital network allows for the robust internet like linking of radio sites, repeater sites, Amateur Radio operator home stations, public safety locations, etc.
  • The VARC is now part of this nation wide incentive to build out a 21 century Amateur Radio high speed communications network which will allow Amateurs to have space age abilities to communicate with each other and to better serve their local communities.
  • Presently the VARC has partnered with HamWAN South who provides the microwave point to point radios and other networking equipment which are all used to link VARC repeaters that utilize All-Star repeater controllers to other repeaters and individual Amateur radio stations through out South Georgia and the world.
  • The future of HamWAN is to allow for Amateur Radio operators to have access to high speed data capability anywhere at anytime.  You are the future of HamWAN through your financial support and the use of your home station site in order to advance the network.

HamWAN – Why Hams need it…

  • We are now part of a high speed digital club who requires to ability to connect computers, portable and mobile data devices which support multiple types of digital content.  It now time for Hams to think beyond just voice communications!
    • HamWAN technology allows Amateurs to have a ultra advanced stand alone ham radio communications network with infrastructure that is enhanced and digitally expandable utilizing standard Internet Protocol (IP) technology which is only limited by the imagination of the Amateur Radio operator’s mind.
  • HamWAN IP networks are very powerful and fully capable of integrating most all analog and digital technologies allowing them to seamlessly communicate among each other.
  •  The modern young Amateur Radio operator has grown up with both computer and digital technologies and ability to communicate via an IP Networks which comes naturally.  HamWAN is technology for today’s Amateur.

Internet Links to informative HamWAN websites: