Amateur Radio is a fun and exciting hobby…

Amateur Radio is a multifaceted hobby with several sub interests for the radio amateur.  It would be difficult for a radio amateur to be able to take advantage of all of the interests available in his or her life time.  This very fact is what makes amateur radio a exciting and never a boring hobby to be enjoyed by both the young and the old.  Here is a list of  only few of interests that are available:

DX (Making long distance contacts in different countries)

Contesting (Making contacts with other stations in competition with other stations for points)

Moon Bounce (Sending radio signals to the moon which bounce back to the earth to another station)

D-Star (The latest digital voice communications system that allows for contacts around the world through the internet)

Antenna Design (Radio design and build many of their own antennas that they use to talk to stations around the world)

CW (Radio stations that use morse code to communicate around the world)

Repeaters (Automatic stations located on towers or mountains that increase the range of VHF and UHF radios)

HF (Radio amateurs use shortwave frequencies to communicate with stations around the world)

Satellites (Automatic stations in outer space that receive and forward radio signals from and to the earth)

APRS (Data communictions system that amateurs use to send messages and for GPS tracking)

Kit Building (Different radio or electronics kits can be purchased and built to learn about electronics and to enjoy)


These are only a few. Please click on the sub-headings under this heading to learn more about more.