Water Tank Webcam – Valdosta, GA



Current Radar



About the Webcams

The webcam project was started in August 2012 to give an live aerial view of Valdosta, GA to aid with NWS/NOAA weather spotting. When we first started, we had one Ubiquiti Airview camera pointed south east. From this vantage we were able to witness Tropical Storm Isaac soon after installation. A few months later, we added two more cameras giving us a south west and north vantage. Multiple news organizations regularly use our images in their nightly broadcasts to keep residents updated on weather in the area.

Technical Information

All the webcams are IP enabled cameras which are uplinked to the internet via Ubiquiti microwave links to a 1 gbps fiber optic connection.

An image from each camera is captured every minute and stored. At midnight each day, the images are compiled to produce a timelapse video for each camera for that day using a combination of FFmpeg and Image Magick on a CentOS rackmount server at the base of the water tank. Afterwards, the videos are autonomously uploaded to our youtube channel. Along with these videos, short clips from the last 10 minutes are generated for each camera as shown above.

If you would like to learn more information about the setup or have any other questions, please contact Bobby, W4VS.