VARC Code of Conduct

Today we live in as club that is multicultural and very diverse  in nature.   At one time in America it could reasonably be expected that a very high percentage of those persons that we would interact with on a daily basis would live their lives based on a Christian value system.  But today what use to be considered a  societal standard or norm is now no longer a valid concept.  As a result many corporations, government agencies, civic organizations, etc. have issued their own standards of conduct that govern those that are part of the organization or group.

Unfortunately the VARC has also been forced to move in this same direct due to inappropriate behavior of a very limited few within the club’s past membership.  Normally any negative behavior that would have occurred would only originate with one or two disenchanted individuals.  But as most of us know from the old wise saying, “It only takes one bad apple to spoil the whole bushel” and the same could be true for any organization or group of people trying to work together.

The VARC is a organization of individuals that strongly and most firmly embraces a warm, friendly and family orientated atmosphere by which its members can peacefully engage themselves in a enjoyable manner through the various club activities that are for the betterment of their community, their fellow members and for themselves.

The VARC membership here by states that if any individual member’s conduct or behavior is contrary to the promotion of this type of atmosphere  – it will absolutely not be tolerated in any of its forms and will be dealt with immediately by automatic  removal of the offender’s membership.

Member Conduct

Normally member conduct is governed by the VARC by-laws but the code of conduct acts to clarify specific behaviors that will not be tolerated and the consequences upon members who choose to violate the code.


SECTION 4. A member may forfeit his membership due to repeated disregard for objectives stated in the Preamble.  A member may forfeit his membership for failure to pay dues as set forth in Article IV Section 2 of the By-Laws.  A member may be involuntarily terminated in accordance with Article IV of the By-Laws.

VARC Enhanced Code of Conduct

1.  No member shall communicate with with foul, profane, threatening words or other related language via any communications media.

2. No member shall threaten or cause harm to another person either verbally or physically.

3. No member shall misappropriate club physical or intellectual assets in any manner.

Any member that violates the VARC code of conduct is considered automatically dismissed as a member and is barred from re-applying for membership under constitutional rules for one year.