Repeater Project Update – June 3

Yesterday members of the technical team met to work on the repeater project.  Right now all work is focused on the repeater equipment itself.  The D-Star equipment was installed in the new 6 ft cabinet and placed in the new equipment room.  Both the VHF and UHF repeaters were removed from the short cabinets and installed in a new 6 ft cabinet.  The taller cabinets allow for more room in the equipment room.  The team also prepared some high speed data equipment and cabling that will be used for a temporary high speed data link to the tank.  This circuit will be used until the permanent DSL circuit can be installed.

Today team members installed the high speed data equipment.  A Wifi link was established on the 900 MHz band which will allow for the D-Star and Allstar equipment to be brought up for testing.   Progress is being made with the team putting in more than 40 hours each since the beginning of the year.  The team would like to thank those who have generously provided their time, other resources or financial support towards the repeater project.