VARC Repeaters are down…

Sometime around June the 30th the VARC repeater site suffered a catastrophic electrical event that has left all equipment off line.   One of the volunteer technicians reported that the large breaker panel feeding the site looked as if it had a welder cut a hole in the front of it. It appears that as the breaker panel caught fire it sprayed fire hot molten metal over all area in front to the panel its self.

So for the time being the repeaters will be offline until the repairs to the site electrical systems can be repaired.  VARC volunteer technicians are presently working with the site owners and making previsions to check VARC equipment for damage.  So far it has been confirmed that the W4VLD-1 digi-repeater was damaged by the event.

It is believed that either lightening or a electrical short caused the electrical damage.  Once new information is discovered it will be posted.

VARC members and area amateurs are encouraged to utilize other area repeaters in order to carry out their communications activities.  You are thanked for your continued support of the VARC.