ARES Code of Conduct

ARES members are the personification of Amateur Radio to the public and to the governmental and quasi-governmental agencies whom we serve. As such, we have elected to publish guidelines under which we expect ARES registered volunteers will operate. Although these are not conditions for participation, we strongly encourage each ARES member to abide by these standards.

• ARES members will conduct themselves with respect and courtesy to those whom we serve. We will be listeners and communicators.

• ARES members will not act as or be perceived as agents or employees of the agencies whom we serve. We are a serving agency and have no authority to act on behalf of the agency.

• ARES members will not use profanity, vulgar language or language or expressions which may be considered derogatory when in public.

• ARES members will not park in restricted areas, unless specifically authorized or invited to do so by the agencies we serve.

• ARES members will only display and use vehicle lighting that conforms with state law.

• ARES members will not solicit contributions or gifts, merchandise or services from any individuals or businesses while using the name of local EOC’s or the phrase Emergency Services.

• ARES members will not use the logos or identifying marks of the agencies that we serve without prior approval in writing by those agencies.

• All prospective ARES members must be able to pass the credentialing requirements of the served agencies.