Orlando Hamfest Road Trip – February 9th

Several hams from the Valdosta area made a road trip down to Orlando for the hamfest.  The weather for the hamfest was excellent!  The fest was well attended from hams from all over the Southeast area.   There were several vendors selling new ham equipment and the flea market are had a lot of low cost used gear.  Friendships between hams were renewed and testing was provided for those who were looking to become a ham and for those wanting to upgrade.  Orlando is one of the best hamfests to attend from the Valdosta area.

Orlando Hamcation 2012

Saturday February 11th was the Orlando, FL hamfest or hamcation.  Attendance was fantastic with several traveling a least 6-8 hours to come !  There were several commercial vendors and hams selling in the tailgate area present.  There were no empty spaces left for vendors in any of the buildings.  There was lots of both new and used gear available for reasonable prices.

One of the reps at Ham Radio Outlet (HRO) reported that they were having some the best sales in the last few years.   Orlando is usually on of the better hamfest to attend for the year for hams who are from this area.  One of the others in the Stone Mountain  hamfest in November.  So mark you calendars…

Hamfest in the big city of Hot Lanta…


On November 5th through the 6th was Georgia’s largest hamfest located in Lawrenceville in east Atlanta.  If you are reading this post then you missed one of the best and largest hamfests in the southeastern U.S.  Several amateurs from the south Georgia region attended and had a great time buying and selling gear. Many also enjoyed seeing and visiting with others of amateur radio family.

Even with the slower economy there were more vendors and hams selling in the flea market areas than ever.  Great deals where everywhere to be found.  Whether if you wanted to build a new station or expand a existing ham shack this was the place to be.  So if you missed this one then make the resolution now to be there next year the first weekend of November!

Up coming hamfests are the Stark, FL (November), Tampa, FL (December) and Orlando, FL (February).