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Thomasville Amateur Radio Club Annual Fish Fry

On Saturday November the 12th the Thomasville Amateur Radio Club again held their annual fish fry in Thomasville.  Approximately 72 amateurs and their families gathered at the Morningside Methodist church annex to share in a fantastic meal and fellowship.  The TARC hosts this yearly event to honor our military veterans and invites the whole amateur radio community to come join them in this special time of the year.  The TARC also takes time to honor those of their group and their achievements.  This year several very young and newly licensed folks received awards.

Several from the Valdosta and surrounding areas attended and greatly enjoyed the fellowship with those that they speak to over the air but do not have a chance to see in person too often.  One reported that the Thomasville folks are very friendly, the food was super, and we have the chance to talk about amateur radio… what more can you ask for?

After the event was over this writer had a chance to interview TARC newsletter editor Buddy Peeples WD4CJI about what makes the TARC presently the leading amateur radio club in the region.  Buddy responded by saying its simple we are a family organization and we strive to involve not only individual amateurs but also their families especially the children.  The children are our future to be there to replace us as we grow older and to ensure the sustainability of the hobby.  Buddy also shared that the core members of the club are not only committed to the ham club itself but each and everyone of them are truly good close friends who love to be around each other even outside of normal club activities.

So it sounds like the simple recipe for a truly successful amateur radio organization is number one the family unit and number two taking the time to hang out with and look out after each other.  It sounds like the old saying “If you want friends then try being a friendly yourself” does have some relevance after all.

Make plans to attend the next TARC fish fry in November of 2012…


License Testing Report

Amateur Radio license testing was held again at the public library in Valdosta on Saturday November 12th.  The preregistered folks where not able to make it to this testing session for personal reasons but they are still planning on testing at a later date.  There was one walk in who tested for general and passed with flying colors. Congratulations on passing general and we hope to hear you on HF soon!

We would like to take time here to appreciate our testing volunteers Larry Leonard, Gene Milton, Jim Freeman, and Frank Thompson for the giving of their personal time to help those who want to become amateurs or to advance the ranks.  Thanks guys for the super job you are doing!

Remember the next testing session will January 14th at the Valdosta public library.  Please contact us if you plan to attend the session.

Hamfest in the big city of Hot Lanta…


On November 5th through the 6th was Georgia’s largest hamfest located in Lawrenceville in east Atlanta.  If you are reading this post then you missed one of the best and largest hamfests in the southeastern U.S.  Several amateurs from the south Georgia region attended and had a great time buying and selling gear. Many also enjoyed seeing and visiting with others of amateur radio family.

Even with the slower economy there were more vendors and hams selling in the flea market areas than ever.  Great deals where everywhere to be found.  Whether if you wanted to build a new station or expand a existing ham shack this was the place to be.  So if you missed this one then make the resolution now to be there next year the first weekend of November!

Up coming hamfests are the Stark, FL (November), Tampa, FL (December) and Orlando, FL (February).