Lowndes County Hams deploy HamWAN network

HamWAN is a “by hams, for hams” wide area high speed digital network which is now being deployed in the Lowndes county and the South Georgia area.  Networking technology has now progressed enough that Amateur Radio operators are able to integrate their analog and digital emergency communications networks with low cost HamWAN wireless technology in order to achieve superior communication stability in the face of emergency communication situations.

HamWAN provides advanced internet protocol routing techniques in order to provide a seamless networking experience for Amateur Radio operators and by offering network services such as weather cameras, repeater access, VoIP PBX, ADS-B and SDR receivers. When systems are properly configured, software applications will keep on functioning just as if nothing had happened, and the all-important mission of emergency communication can carry on.

HamWAN, when not being used for non-emergency situations, provides networking capability for individual hams using our allocated 44Net IP space for day to day communications requirements.  Presently several area repeaters have been linked together using Ubiquiti microwave radios & Mikrotik routers and switches.  To experience this new and exciting technology tune your station to the VARC 146.760 repeater system today.