Looking for a low cost brand new dual band HT?

In today’s economy everyone is looking to pinch a penny.  Hams are notorious for being penny pinchers when it comes to equipment.  As everyone knows there are deals to be found on ebay for used equipment but here is a deal on brand new ham radio equipment.

So if your a ham and your in the market for a new HT for use on the club VHF and UHF repeaters then consider the Baofeng UV-5 dual band VHF/UHF  handheld radio.  Where are these radios manufactured for such a low price? Well in China of course!

This brand new unit comes fully loaded with features that were considered luxurious only until recently.  The best part is that this radio can be purchased for less than $50 including shipping off ebay right now!

If you are a new ham or you have a friend or family member who is getting their license you might consider one of these as present for their efforts.  This radio would be a great low cost way for anyone to get started!