D-Star System Testing Update

As many of you already know the D-Star project has been under way.  It was last month that the UHF D-Star (443.7125 MHz) repeater was placed on the air for testing.  It has been linked to systems all over the world and many contacts have been made by local stations who are D-Star capable.

After programming and testing VARC members turned up the (1299.200 MHz) data channel.  So now users who have a Icom ID-1 radios can now access the internet via their radio.  The RF connection is not as fast as DSL but it is usable for emergency communications.

The next part of the D-Star project is to bring up the 1.2 GHz voice module.  In order to move forward a special duplexer will have to be purchased for the system.

If you are interested in D-Star please contact KF4GTA.