Amateur Radio Testing Results – May 12th

Today was the second Saturday of the odd month so the testing team met to give amateur radio exams in the greater Valdosta area.  Here are the results of this month’s session.  The total number of people who came t0 the exam session was five.

The results of the session is as follows:  Two passed there Technician license, two passed their General license, and one passed his Extra Class license. The two people who just missed earning a license at the HamCram last month retook their exams and passed today!
One person passed all three license levels after they extensively prepared for the exams during the last few weeks.  Now that is some dedication!  Congratulations and welcome to ham radio!   We would like to thank the dedicated volunteers who give the exams and process the paperwork.  Also we appreciate those who take the time to either become a ham or to upgrade their license.  Great job everyone!