HamCram Session- April 21st

Today the VARC held its first ever HamCram session with five dedicated participants present.  Two hams were prepared for their upgrade to general class while three remaining persons were “craming” to become technicians or new hams.

HamCrams are a excellent way for people wishing to obtain their ham radio license in our fast paced club.  A one day session consists of six question pool modules which take approximately six hours to go over.  Sessions are directed by VARC members but they are self study for each individual.  Each participant is given a copy of the question and answer pool which then they familiarize themselves with the questions which will on the exam and the associated correct answer.  Each module lasts for one hour after which participants are given a fifteen minute break to rest.  It has been found that breaks help provide for a better success rate.

After the HamCram session has been completed then the exam immediately is given.  Since a HamCram session revolves around short term memory then it is important to go ahead and test while the information is fresh in ones mind.

At today session four of the participants took their exams.

The VARC is dedicated to both the promotion and development of Amateur Radio in the South Georgia area.  We encourage all those who are interested in Amateur Radio to attend one of our future sessions.