VARC supports 5 K Run

On Saturday March 10th members of the VARC met at VSU for the Azalea Festival 5 K run.  The weather was cool and very pleasant for the event.  As usually members were positioned in order to provide synchronized timing for the run.  Members were placed at the 1 and 2 mile locations with a time keeper.  A radio transmission on the 146.760 repeater was sent at the exact time that the run started in order for the time keepers to set their stop watches.  As runners would pass the mile markers they could keep up with their time.  VARC members reported runners as they passed their station locations.

The first runner to the finish line was a young boy who said that he was about to be first because he was able to take the inside line and beat out two other runners.  Everyone made it back to the finish line with no injuries.  After the run many members went over to the festival to enjoy the food and fun.  Once again the Parks and Recreation leadership expressed their gratitude to VARC members for their continued support of  events like the 5 K and the bike rides.