Club Meeting – March

The March VARC club meeting was on Tuesday the 6th.  Members met at Applebee’s for supper and to enjoy socializing with each other.

A report was made for the Century bike ride which was held the previous Saturday during very dangerous weather conditions.  Amateur radio and VARC really shined during this event.  The severe weather really showed the need for members to have spotter and ARES training and to always be ready.

Other interesting discussions during and after the meeting were related to the new Navy electro-magnetic rail gun that can shoot 100 miles,  J-pole antennas, the Italians experimental work with vorticity radio wave technology, Aircraft navigation technology history, interesting information about Rommel’s 10 meter band tank to tank communications during World War II,  2M/440 Mobile antennas and how to install NMO mounts on vehicles, Physics and the latest developments on photon entanglement experiments and many other interesting subjects related to amateur radio, history and science.

Members were also reminded of the 5 K run coming up Saturday and the Hamcram session coming up in April.