New D-Star / APRS / Repeater Equipment Room = Progress!

Again the technical team assembled early this Saturday morning in order to begin work on the new larger equipment room for both the analog and the new digital D-Star repeater systems.  They were able to install most of the AC power conduit, breakers, outlets etc. and other electrical equipment needed in order to operate the repeaters, D-Star and APRS equipment.

The room is cooler since it is inside of the water tank but the air will have to be conditioned in order to control the humidity levels.  Because there were large air gaps between the tank wall and the room walls the team had to use spray expansion foam in order to seal the room better from the rest of the tank itself.  The team still needs to finish the electrical, build a better entry door to keep the outside out, paint the concrete floor, and other miscellaneous work tasks.  Once the room is ready then the equipment will have to be moved and installed.  A lot of work has to be done in order to have the room ready before the Century Bike ride in March so the team plans to work the next few Saturdays until the work is done.

The old VARC equipment shelter was built almost 30 years ago and is made of wood materials.  The VARC was going to have to make critical decision in regards to its shelter because even though it is still serviceable it is not large enough to house the new D-Star equipment that the VARC received through a government grant last year.  Because of this the VARC technical team made a request of the city and was able to secure the new equipment room from with the help of one of the clubs emergency communications partners- Ashley Tye who is the director of  EMA.

The VARC is truly grateful to Ashley, the city, and our very own technical team for the help and support with this project.  The VARC also thanks those members and non-members who have contributed to the project financially but more funds are required in order to complete the project.  So please send your check today!