Amateur Radio – Licensing Exams

How do I obtain an Amateur Radio license?

If you are interested in obtaining your Federal Communications Commission amateur radio license you will have to take a written exam.  The exams are giving by volunteers at many different sites around the country.  If you are interested in taking an exam in the Valdosta area please see the following information:

  • Regular amateur radio license testing is done the 2nd Saturday of each ODD month at South Georgia Regional Library in Valdosta.
  • Remember that regular exam months are: January – March – May – July – September – November
  • Testing sessions begin promptly at 11:00 AM. 
  • Please make sure to bring a photo ID, check book (no cash accepted), photo copy of your existing amateur radio license (if you have one) and a completed NCVEC Form 605.  Further information and forms can be found at
  • For more information or to schedule yourself for a test session please go to the “Help Me!” tab and send a message request or for faster information contact Larry KI4JKb at “donnadoll3@msn (dot) net”