VARS – “U” or University is a program that works to promote technical careers through Amateur Radio

The membership understands hands-on learning with Amateur Radio can develop the skills and interest that leads to professional career choices for both young and older individuals.  “Hands On” Technical knowledge gained through Amateur Radio without a doubt gives the United States a competitive advantage through a more highly skilled work force.

High Technology Careers and Amateur Radio

The VARS promotes the development of a comprehensive understanding of electronics technology which utilizes Amateur Radio activities as a cornerstone to motivate and give direction to those young persons who will be entering the high technology work force.

Below is a partial list of careers that can be gained through electronics knowledge gained through amateur radio.

Areas of Technical Occupational Specialization


Electronics Engineering

  1. Electronics Engineer
  2. Electronics (general) Technician

Electronic Consumer Products Service

  1. Audio-Video Repairer
  2. Audiovisual-Aids Technician
  3. Audiovisual Equipment Operator
  4. Radio Mechanic
  5. Radio Repairer
  6. Television & Radio Repairer
  7. Video Installer
  8. Video Operator
  9. Video Tape-Recording Engineer
  10. Cable Television Installer
  11. Cable Television Technician

Communications Electronics Technology

  1. Communications Electronics Assembler
  2. Communications Electronics Tester
  3. Marine Radio Installer/Technician
  4. Radio Systems Technician
  5. RF Engineer

Computer Servicing Technology

  1. Data Processing Mechanic
  2. Computer Electronics Technician
  3. Computer Service Technician
  4. WiFi Systems Technician
  5. Computer Programmer

Avionics Technology

  1. General Aviation-Avionics Technician
  2. Ground Based Aviation Electronics Technician

Telephony Technology

  1. Telephone Repairer/Installer
  2. Instrument Repairer
  3. Assembler
  4. Station Installer & Repairer
  5. Equipment Installer
  6. Fiber Optic Systems Engineer/Technician


  1. Electrician Apprentice
  2. Electrician Helper
  3. Airport Electrician
  4. Neon Sign Servicer
  5. Electrician
  6. Electrical Appliance Servicer
  7. Household Appliance Installer
  8. Electrical Repairer
  9. Security Alarm Installer

Electronic Knowledge/Skills – General Categories

  1. DC Circuits
  2. AC Circuits
  3. Solid State Devices
  4. Analog Circuits
  5. Digital Devices
  6. Microprocessor Technology
  7. Lab Practices

Topics within Amateur Radio that are useful to telecommunications or electronics careers:

  1. DC Circuits
  2. AC Circuits
  3. Solid State Devices
  4. Analog Circuits
  5. Digital Devices
  6. Microprocessor Technology
  7. Lab Practices
  8. Technical Recording & Reporting